An Essay on the Best Infant Car Seats to Buy

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Best Infant Car Seats to Buy

More often accidents do happen and in this case there are children that are involved. Being a parent what worries you the most is the safety of your baby whenever travelling and in such a case having a car seat for your baby assures you of his safety as it helps prevent any fatal injury or even death when an accident occurs. Holding your baby on your laps while travelling is not the safest thing to do since it does not offer any protection in case an impact occurs. Also, use the best skating helmets for kids while skating.

Make sure to always check on the quality of the car seat to ensure that it is safe for your baby. Infant car seats are always designed for babies with less weight. There are various car seats designed to suit your child’s size and age which includes:
Types of Infant Car Seat
✅ Rear-facing car seat
This is most suitable for infants and kids who are below two years. Your baby is able to sleep and snuggle well as they are very comfortable, secure and at the same time convenient. It allows you to install the base in the car with the infant carrier enabling you to conveniently take your baby when travelling. Make sure that it has an indicator at the base to allow you view and adjust the angle .An angle installation of 45degrees is always suitable and safe for your baby.
It should easily detach and with just a simple click be able to fit into your baby’s strollers. If taking long travels make sure that the seat is padded and has a head support to make sure that your baby is comfortable. The fabric should also be able to absorb moisture, removable and also washable. To protect your baby from the sun then make sure that the seat has a canopy.
✅ Forward-facing car seat
This is suitable for children who are big and have attained five years.
Booster seat
Once your baby outgrows the forward-facing seat then you should buckle them in a booster seat before they fit in the seat belt seat.
✅ Seat belt
Once your child reaches the seat belt height then you can place them in it and remove the booster seat.
✅ Convertible seat
Your child at some stage will outgrow the infant car seat and it is advisable you install a convertible seat for your baby especially when they are more than 20 pounds. This always supports kids who weigh up to 40 or 80 pounds depending on the design of the model. They can be converted into booster seats since their weight is high.
If you are after minimizing expenses then you can use convertible seats in place of infant seats. They are not always detachable and may be big for your infant therefore requiring extra head and body support for the comfort of your baby.
When choosing a convertible car seat, make sure it has a latch as this makes it more secure. It should also have a chest clip to enable you fasten it across your baby’s chest to ensure his safety. Availability of adjustable slots is a must to enable you be flexible when adjusting the seat size that fits your baby. Having a pad that absorbs shock is also important as it ensures that your baby is well protected.
If as a parent you decide to skip using an infant car seat and go for a convertible car seat you are advised to buy an infant insert for your newborn as this ensures that your baby feels comfortable and make him safer. It should be able to convert into a booster seat and have a snack tray with cup holder to give you the service of a feeding table. Read more on Best Infant Car Seats

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